BlueKey Equity Partners Offers Private Lending

May 21, 2019

BlueKey Equity Partners Offers Private Lending

Hard Money Loans Great for Real Estate Investments


HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – BlueKey Equity Partners (BKEP), a small to middle-market private equity firm, today announced its ability to offer clients private capital lending, often referred to as hard money lending.  Private lending is an alternative to using big banks or mortgage lenders, funded by individual investors lending their own money to other investors or professionally managed real estate products.

 “Typically, financing for real estate comes from banks, government agencies like the VA or FHA for example, insurance companies, or even pension funds,” said Amaury Cifuentes, CFP®, CMP®, and a BlueKey Equity Partner. “Real estate investing is one of BlueKey’s core competencies so we know for a real estate investor, these aren’t the most beneficial options because of all the red tape that comes with them.”

 Roadblocks from financing with banks, government agencies, etc. can include strict requirements, a tight timeline, or additional paperwork.  Real estate investors need a more streamlined and faster process, and from this need, the market for alternative lending sources developed.

 “Investors with ample assets are now able to serve other investors in a way that large institutions can’t,” said Cifuentes.  “Since its beginning, private lending has become a critical part of real estate investing.”

There are several benefits to participating in private lending, one of which is mitigating risk while creating wealth. Others include:

  • Private lending often earns more than traditional investing.
    ● If the borrower defaults, the private lender can secure the collateral through foreclosure.
    ● Private lenders avoid the headaches of renting or flipping by directly investing in real estate rather than having to own and maintain properties.
    ● A private lending investor is able to move money in and out at will because the turnaround on this type of investing is fast.
    ● Private lending is potentially more secure than other types of investing because the investor holds the borrowers’ assets as collateral.

“At BlueKey Equity Partners, our private lending strategy is available in two platforms designed to enhance value for the investors, partners, and family offices we serve,” said Cifuentes. For additional information visit


About BlueKey Equity Partners

BlueKey Equity Partners specializes in small and mid-capital growth companies, leveraging the partnerships between investors, principals and communities.  Its focus is on private lending, core real estate and business investment. The extensive experience of its professional team allows the firm to implement a rigorous process to identify the “Best in Class” opportunities in its focus areas.  The company assists in providing capital, innovative solutions and strategic expertise to its portfolio throughout the investment cycle.  For additional information, visit


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