Business Investments

Using the extensive experience we have in identifying high-quality business opportunities, BlueKey Equity Partners is pleased to focus our expansion of business investments on Latino-owned businesses. We see the importance of creating relationships between our principals, and Latino-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, and communities. 

As a Latino-owned business, we understand the importance of high-caliber support to foster growth, operational efficiencies, and strategic development.

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Creating Success

From years of experience, a formula to create success for both business and investors has emerged. This has not happened by accident but through diligence, a sense of community, and outstanding partnerships. Our formula for success includes the following: 

  • Cultivating Opportunities- Our extensive experience and network of partners allow us to leverage past experiences and knowledge to apply to our current endeavors.
  • Business and Investor Returns- The professional expertise and proven success records allow across-the-board success as we guide companies that we invest as they scale, grow profits, and deliver returns. 
  • Network- For over 30 years, we have served the Latino Market. We can carve out a prime advantage over our competition by leveraging channels like NAHREP, L’ATTITUDE, and prior collaboration in Hispanic-owned financial firms.
  • Investor Showcase- Participating and promoting showcase platforms has provided many opportunities for LOBs.
  • Trust- Our partners have been directly involved for many years in the Latino market. From the ground up, we understand the Latino business owners’ needs, unique challenges, and the best way to support our business owners.

Key Industries

Latino-owned businesses (LOBs) in the US are some of the highest potentials - and most overlooked - opportunities. We structured our focus of investing in LOBs after careful consideration, time, and research. The key industries we have placed our emphasis on include the following: 

  • Healthcare Services and Technology- Examples include: 
    • Rehabilitation and Therapy Services (with a focus on Eldercare) 
    • Nursing and Specialized Medical Services
    • Managed Care Systems
    • Non-Invasive Medical Devices and Technologies (FDA Class 1)
    • Healthcare Management and Marketing IT Solutions. 
  • Technology Solutions- Both Internet and app-based, focusing on Hispanic markets.
  • Business and Commercial Services- Outsourced consulting, logistics, supply chain, recruiting, and staffing solutions. 
  • Niche Manufacturing- Including materials or processes. 
  • Food and Nutrition Businesses- Focusing on distribution, novel product categories within Hispanic markets, and eco-friendly food solutions. 

While these are the focused key industries we serve, we are always happy to speak to our fellow Latino-business owners with questions or unique business ideas.

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Key Areas

To provide superior service to our LOBs and investors, we have outlined key areas with the largest and fastest-growing Latino market within the Eastern United States. 

Within this radius, we will be able to serve 8 out of the 10 fastest-growing states by Latino population, including 6 out of the 10 largest states by Latino population. Additionally, our long history in Florida also provides us an edge over other firms in one of the fastest-growing business states in the nation.

If you have a question about whether you are located in one of our focused key areas or if we would be willing to expand our market to work with you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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