Chemlogics Group, LLC

Client Centered

Realized One Equity Partners investments in which Ken Brown was part of the senior leadership in the Deal Team and where he maintained a role on the Boards of Directors from inception through divestment.

One Equity Partners (OEP) acquired a 37% equity stake from a retiring co-founder of the Chemlogics Group, LLC in 2010.  Chemlogics was a leading provider of specialty chemicals to the energy sector used in the extraction and production of oil and gas.  Headquartered in Paso Robles, CA, Chemlogics produced and distributed oilfield chemicals from multiple plant locations across the United States.  During its partnership with the founder, OEP provided financial support, deal expertise and banking relationships that allowed the company to make several acquisitions, leading to a tripling of revenues, and a 400% increase in EBITDA prior to its sale in 2013 to the international chemical giant, Solvay SA (Brussels, Belgium).